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If you are looking for an all inclusive wellness program, then this is for you! Kickstart your nutrition and movement habits with my 21-day Kickstart Your Health Program! 

A $425 value for $199 + GST 

What’s included:

  • Two 30-minute sessions

  • Your choice of a standard, plant-based or gluten-free 3-week meal plan

  • Grocery lists 

  • Recipes 

  • A 3-week movement plan

  • 6 workout routines 

Spring Nutrition Reset

Do your eating habits need a spring clean? This 15-day Spring Nutrition Reset emphasizes the consumption of whole-foods that provide the most nutrients to support your health & wellness.

$179 + GST 

What’s included:

  • Two 30-minute sessions

  • 15-day food and liquid protocol 

  • Comprehensive list of foods to include & avoid 

  • 15 recipe ideas 

  • 5 bonus cleansing lifestyle practice handouts


A single-use voucher for 10% off fresh-pressed juices from Squish Juicery in Port Coquitlam provided to clients participating in the program to simplify the liquid protocol! 

** available for a limited time (March 21, 2023 - June 21, 2023)

21-Day Kickstart

Your Health Program

14 Day Sugar-Free Challenge

Intense sugar cravings, anxiety, bloating, energy crashes, skin issues, headaches & more… these are all symptoms of a sugar addiction! Let’s do a 14 day sugar-free challenge to kick that addiction & those symptoms by making you more mindful of what is in your food!

$179 + GST 

What’s included:

  • Two 30-minute sessions

  • 14 day sugar-free meal plan

  • Grocery lists

  • Recipes 

  • Common names for sugar hand out

  • Reading nutrition labels hand out

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